Light. Easy to Install. Aluminium Modular Scaffold

Providing a lightweight solution for Scaffolding.

Quick & lightweight solution to your scaffold needs.

Lightweight. Easy to Install.

Aluminium modular scaffold is designed similar to your Steel modular scaffold with only one third of the weight. 

This system lightweight, easy to install & is commonly used on surfaces with low load ratings, roofs, awnings, etc.. 

The lightweight system can still offer you a medium duty (450kg) scaffold loading and your standard stair access.  

Labour & Hire 

We can look after it all.

Proview Scaffolding will provide an end to end service for your scaffolding needs. 

Our Specialists will attend site, measure up and provide your with a tailored solution for your scaffolding needs.

We will look after your project from our initial site visit, through to stripping the scaffold and leaving your project clean & tidy. 

Call our specialists today. 

Dry Hire. 

For DIY Projects.

Thinking about doing your own project? 

Proview Scaffolding will help you work out how much aluminium scaffold material you require for your project.

Our staff will plan, prepare & deliver the materials to your site & have them picked up when completed. 

Give us a call today.

Our six step process

After consulting with your site team & engineers Proview scaffolding will submit our proposal in line with your building methodology.

Understand your needs



Set the game plan

In the planning stage, Proview ensures to allocate the right resources for your project.


Deliver results

Through propietary productivity tracking software "Productiiv", we set out the game plan to ensure our men stay productive on your site and hit milestones.


Maintain Safety for duration of project

Proview Scaffolding's quality & management system allows us to monitor & track our compliance throughout your entire project.



Safely dismantle and remove scaffolding

Continuous Improvement

Proview tracks & monitors the productivity of our Scaffolders to ensure your work is getting done on time, the entire time.

We continue to invest in our people and our processes to improve as an organisation and continue to deliver a service that Builders and Developers take notice of.

We'll look after you on your Projects - Contact the Scaffolding experts now.

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