We’ve installed scaffold to allow the safe demolition of existing buildings on a project in Cronulla.

Providing Safe Scaffolding for demolition sites across NSW 

Providing Demolition Scaffold for sites across NSW

Some buildings require demolition Scaffold to protect neighbouring properties and pedestrians.  

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With many sites across NSW getting demolition, scaffold is often required to help contain the area & protect pedestrians. 

Where buildings come close to the boundary of a neighbour property or the footpath, builders are required to provide protection from falling object or debris when the existing building is being demolished. 

Demolition Scaffold must be Heavy duty (675kg) and provide sufficient mesh to minimise the debris/dust. 

Ozone Street, Cronulla

Proview Scaffolding provided over 800m2 of Heavy Duty demolition scaffold across 3 buildings on a project in Cronulla.

The existing 2 level buildings will be demolished and turned into a 9 story residential building overlooking Australia’s iconic Cronulla beach.

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