Supporting Sydney's Contractors for a better city

Supporting Sydney's Contractors for a better city

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From our Directors to our Scaffolders - our attitude is to help our clients, people and the public wherever we are.

We hire first on attitude, then skills. To set us apart from our colleagues in Scaffolding, we focus on our people and their attitude - and strengthen this with training on our digital tools and systems wit the aim to make us a serious contender for any project with you.


An unprecented approach to quality


By focusing on effiency we've reduced rates


We believe in flexibility to strengthen relationships

Proven Processes

Successful delivery of hundreds of projects

We've erected, maintained and dismantled scaffolding for hundreds of commercial sites

Our leadership team has delivered projects for most of Sydney's top builders in the last decade.

  • Richard Crookes
  • Built.
  • Buildcorp
  • Probuild
  • Taylor
  • JQZ
  • Grindley
  • KANE
  • Parkview
  • Deicorp
  • Mainbrace
  • ADCO
  • Ganellan
  • PBS Building

Competence from
the bottom up.

Whatever you’re building and wherever you’re building it, the values you’ll need from your scaffolder will never change. Safety, quality, ability, efficiency, reliability and accountability. All the essential elements of a truly successful scaffolding project.

And with more than 50 years of scaffolding expertise to our name , you can be sure that best practice performance and top-shelf service are at the foundation of how we work at Proview.

But we take scaffolding a step further, by adopting a progressive philosophy that demands we deliver environmentally sustainable services at the leading-edge of technology.

Over 50 years combined experience

We're completely digital. No paper.

Our experienced team has implemented a paperless approach to scaffolding to help our builders organisation.

We're obsessed with productivity improvement.

We hire experienced scaffolders & supervisors to ensure your project remains safe, efficient & productive all the time, every time.

Our six step process

Our values define us

We're completely digital. No paper.

We’ve invested significantly into research and development to make scaffolding cheaper and greener for Sydney.

We're obsessed with productivity improvement.

We're the only scaffolding company that tracks worker productivity hourly.

Experience matters

We have over 50 combined years experience supporting the likes of DIYer's and Developers in Sydney.

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